Providing your pooch's seamless comfort while you are away.   Offering one on one pet care. (What happens at Home Away From Home, ie., shredding TP, sqatting not lifting, or lifting not squatting... stays at HAFH.  If you do a Two Legged Squat, front paws to ground, you get steak).  

Space limited to one dog, however two that are a pair, double my joy, but not the cost. 

Warm beds (mine included), my lap included, my home is your dog's canvas. HOME AWAY FROM HOME is perfect for any age dog-senior or pup, that does not want commercial kenneling, no matter how 'pleasant' they state it is... Your dog is just one of MANY dogs under the 'care' of underpaid, teenage student hands in a commercial facility.  The reason I know this?  I was one of those employees.  Be very afraid.  And the very personal bill-HONESTLY?

CALL 636-226-4106.  My secure home is open to view before schedulling.   I am a mature person who will be in charge of your pet.  Many references available.   

Open for 2013/14 holiday accomodations.  Make it easy on your dog!


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