Ballwin Program Offers Weight Loss Fun

The Pointe at Ballwin Commons is offering a Biggest-Loser-style weight lost competition, with discounted personal training and special incentives.

The Biggest Loser television show is in its thirteenth season, and the hit series has spawned contests in offices, gyms, and clubs across the nation. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before our own fair city decided to bring some of the show's enthusiasm to its residents.

The City of Ballwin is putting on their version of the contest, called "Lose to Win". Several years ago, had enough teams for a contest and found it to be very successful for their members. Monday, The Pointe held an informational meeting for what they hope to be another run of the program.

"I think nothing is better than group motivation," Fitness Manager Matt Struemph said to several attendees nodding in agreement.

For the 10 week program to run, at least four teams of 2 to 4 people are needed. Several of the Pointe's personal trainers are available for up to 20 hours of training sessions. The training sessions will be used as a group, similar to how the television show progresses.

Outside of the group training sessions, team members will be responsible for their own diets and workouts, doing weekly check-ins with their trainers. Trainers will make themselves available for questions and assistance during this time. 

The group of trainers is diverse, including a chiropractor, a yoga and water fitness specialist, and an ex-Air Force serviceman. The trainers also assured possible participants that limitations such as knee or shoulder problems shouldn't stop them from entering the competition. 

"I keep the client's safety in mind with all plans," said Greg Burian, the ex-Air Force serviceman who is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. 

The cost of the program is $800 for teams with a Pointe member, and $1000 for non-Pointe member teams. The additional cost by non-Pointe-member teams allow them to use all the Pointe facilities for the duration of the program. 

Struemph said that one of the benefits of the program is the decreased cost of personal training that comes with working out as a group. With this program, personal training sessions could be as low as $10/person. 

Another benefit Struemph observed with past programs is the team support, even for the opposition. People cheered on each other during events like special challenges, which are held twice in the ten weeks. 

Diane Zirbes, 59, of Ballwin, finds that not only is having a team relying on you motivation, but it also keeps you true to yourself. 

"I think it motivates you- if you're by yourself, you tend to cheat," Zirbes said.

The winning team will be determined by total body fat percentage lost at the end of the 10 weeks. The grand prize is over $700 worth of personal training sessions.  

The program is likely to start January 9. For more information, call Matt Struemph at 636-227-8950 at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons.

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