Doggie Discipline Underway at Ellisville Vet

A local veterinary office is the site of K9 Education, but the class's emphasis might surprise you.

The hosts K9 education and training classes year round, though the true targets of the classes are not the animals.

The K9 Education Center, offerred year-round, typically takes place for one hour a week for three weeks in the hospital's basement, where the dogs go through a sort of "bootcamp" largely aimed at instilling good training habits in the dogs' handlers.

Linda Grantham, practice manager at the Ellisville Veterinary Hospital, said the dogs learn basic commands such as heel, stay, come and somtimes break bad behaviors the dogs formed at home."

“We’re concertrating on the handlers, not the owners," Grantham said. "Because if the handlers are there and present it properly, then the dogs get it right away. They’re very smart.”

The classes usually include two instructors and four students, and take place on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.

For more information on the K9 Education Center, contact the .


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