Girl Scouts Drop Boy Band After New Video Shows Young People Partying

The band Allstar Weekend's newest video displays values that are "clearly inconsistent" with those of the Girl Scout organization, its leader said.

Allstar Weekend will not be playing in a major Girl Scout event in St. Louis next weekend following the discovery of a video that organizers say is not consistent with their values.

Allstar Weekend, who has gained popularity for appearances on the Disney Channel, was scheduled as the main act for the BIG Day FamFest, a large festival on Sept. 22 organized by Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri in downtown St. Louis. 

But the band has been pulled from the festival following the release of a music video for its song Life As We Know It. The video features what appears to be teen girls and boys drinking alcohol, smoking from a bong, stripping, throwing a chair in a swimming pool and throwing a bag of trash at a moving car.

Lyrics to the tune include "getting high and never growing up" and "When the sun comes up tomorrow we won't regret everything. We don't got no rules to follow. We can do it all over again."

These are not words that Girl Scouts should live by, said Donna Martin, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.

"This is clearly not consistent with the Girl Scout mission, vision and core values," Martin said. "There is no way we can have a group that is not a family- or girl-friendly act as our lead group."

Once she was notified of the Allstar Weekend video on Thursday, she immediately decided the band had to be dropped from next Saturday's festival.

"The Girl Scouts are a values-based organization and we are always talking about doing the right thing," Martin said. "And, when you talk the talk you have to walk the walk, so we took a stand on this band."

Martin said the Girl Scouts are now negotiating with several groups that could replace Allstar Weekend in the lineup.

Other parts of the festival include a celebration of the organization's 100th anniversary with 100 exhibitors and vendors, a parade through downtown streets, and performances from two young stars.

The stars are Katherine Hughes, a competitor on Radio Disney's Next Big Thing talent competition, and Ryan Beatty, a 16-year-old "singing sensation" who has grown a fan base via YouTube. He has been featured on Billboard's Next Big Sound.

What do you think? Is the decision too much, or do you agree? Tell us in the Comments.


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