Doppler FX Brings Real Meaning to 'Boy Band'

The band has a classic rock repertoire -- and is comprised of five pre-teens.

Several music groups performed At the Autumn in Ellisville event at Bluebird Park early October, mostly covering popular songs made famous by their favorite artists.

But many visitors were surprised to discover the sounds of hits like "Eye of the Tiger," "Sweet Child of Mine," and "Any Way You Want It" originating from the mouths of babes -- well, 12-year-olds, that is.

Doppler FX, a music band comprised of four 12-year-old boys and a recently turned 13-year-old, stuck with classic rock hits in their repertoire, harboring their individual talents since February 2012 as a group and performing at gigs throughout the St. Louis area.

Dan Faust (keyboards), Gabe Hollowell (vocals), Aidan Murrow (guitar), Jake Ruhmann (drums) and Zach Ruhmann (bass guitar) are Doppler FX, 7th grade students at Immaculate Conception of Dardenne in O'Fallon, Mo. 

"Most of the girls are pretty interested in [the band]," Gabe said when Patch asked what their schoolmates thought of the band. "We're just doing it to have fun."

The group says they practice about once a week for a couple of hours at the Ruhmanns' house. Aiden said the idea to become a band came around last December when Jake got a drum set for Christmas.

"We all kind of knew we had these musical talents and put them together," Aiden said.

While Doppler FX was recently seen in Ellisville, they also play at the Mozingo Stage in O'Fallon and had their first show as a band at the school talent show in May. The group has a few more gigs lined up for the coming months, including Battle of the Bands at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School this Saturday, Nov. 10.

Doppler FX will be competing against other high school area bands starting at 6:30 p.m. in the gymnasium. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at Fazio's Frets and Friends in Ballwin and at Mozingo Music in Ellisville.

Check out the band's YouTube channel.


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