Erin Bode in Concert Tonight at Bluebird Park

Check out a video of the artist performing at Bluebird Park tonight, who the BBC called “the most magnificent solo performer on this planet right now.”

Erin Bode and her band will bring smooth sounds of jazz and a delicate, yet delightful voice to those attending her concert tonight at .

Bode, who was born in Minnesota, grew up in Eureka, where she attended .

Bode also attended , where she studied music and performed with the St. Louis Symphonic Orchestra.

Since her career launch in 2001, Bode has released six albums, one of which received a favorable review by a BBC London critic.

“I’ve gone on record both in print and more than once on the BBC as saying I think Erin Bode is the most magnificent solo performer on this planet right now,” said the BBC’s Danny Baker, reviewing Bode’s album, “A Cold December Night.”

The concert begins at 7 p.m. and it is free of charge.


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