Mozingo Highlight: Holy Infant School Guitarist Rocks AC/DC, The Animals

A young guitarist at Ballwin's Holy Infant School displays some solid six-string skills with his instructor at Mozingo Music.

Each month, in Ellisville highlights the skills learned by one of the school's students. This month, Mozingo presents Jonathan Ferrari, a student at Holy Infant School who knows his way through a pentatonic blues scale and isn't too shy to show it off.

Learn more about Jonathan and his instructor Ian Eddy below. Then take a look at the video of the two of them jamming through some classic tunes by AC/DC, The Animals and more!


Jonathan Ferrari (student)

How long have you been playing your instrument?

  • 10 months

Who is your instructor?

  • Ian Eddy

Where do you go to school?

What musical honors have you recently receive?

  • Mozingo Music Student Highlight

What other activities do you participate in?

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Swimming
  • Track

What are your goals for the future/college?

  • Basketball
  • Guitar Player

Who/what is your favorite artist/band?

  • Too many to name

What is your favorite type of music?

  • Pop
  • Rock

Ian Eddy (instructor)

What instrument(s) do you teach?

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Flute
  • Sax Vocals

How long have you been playing your instrument?

  • 21+ years

What school did you attend/degrees do you have?

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

  • I love seeing the transformation that takes place when a student goes from not being able to play at all, to having the ability to produce beautiful sounds with their instrument.

What musical honors have you received that you are most proud of?

Are you currently performing by yourself or with a band in the local area? If so, where and with whom?

  • I am currently looking for musicians to be involved with my project

Who/what is your favorite artist/band?

  • I love all music

What are some simple tips you can give on how to be a better player/singer?

  • If something is too hard, slow down, repetition will create muscle memory which will make playing easier
  • But most of all, just have fun!


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