6 North Café Owner Hopes for May Opening

Ballwin-Ellisville Patch sits down with Ballwin resident Mike Altrudo, owner of the café being constructed at Clayton Road and Henry Avenue.

Looking for details about the upcoming café being built near the intersection of Clayton Road and Henry Avenue? You've come to the right place. Ballwin-Ellisville Patch sat down with Ballwin resident Mike Altrudo, owner of the upcoming 6 North Café location, to get you the skinny on the newest place to get your java fix.

Q: When do you expect 6 North Café in Ballwin to open?

A: We’re trying to get it open in May. We hope no later than Memorial Day, but sooner if we can.

Q: How is construction going on your end, and why did you choose this location at Clayton Road and Henry Avenue?

A: Relatively smooth. We’ve been tied into this location for about a year and half now. Being a new construction, it obviously takes awhile. Construction started in November 2010 and we’re kind of finishing up our end ... the parking lot is not done yet. Well, we’ve got our location downtown. I had another location in the West End. When we were looking for a [new] location, we really wanted a drive-thru, and we found a location [where it would work in Ballwin] and it was great.

I like the area, the diversity of having some business up and down the [Highway] 40 corridor, with retailers in the Town & Country shopping center and plenty of residential [units] and schools down the road. It has a great diversity of, hopefully, potential customers.

Q: Will the cuisine be any different than the downtown location?

A: We serve sandwiches, salads, soup, grilled sandwiches and homemade chicken salad sandwich, technically classified as American. We do a lot of homemade baked goods. We have a full coffee and espresso bar, too. The two menus will be pretty similar.

Q: Do you plan on having additional locations in the future?

A: I do plan on having additional locations. We’ll get this one up and running and hopefully be able to start another one. I’m excited about getting into the county because we’ve been downtown for a while.

 Q: Why did you decide to start your own business?

A: I’m more business[man] than chef. I’ve worked in restaurants for 10 to 12 years, and I’ve worked for a corporate restaurant and was a manager for them. That gave me experience, I liked what I did and decided to try it on my own.


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