Coming Soon: Circle 7 Ranch Opening in Ballwin Sept. 10

The taphouse and restaurant is looking to hire and prepare a unique venue for visitors.

Circle 7 Ranch Taphouse and Grill is set to open to the public Sept. 10.

The location in Ballwin Grove Plaza at Henry Road and Clayton will feature table-side beer taps and is the latest endeavor from Pete Ferretti and Buddy Coy. According to St. Louis Magazine, the duo has produced downtown venues such as The Outfield at Mike Shannon's, The Pepper Lounge, Mandarin and Lumen.

The primary selections on tap will be popular beer choices with the potential to extend to craft beers eventually, Coy said. Feretti told StL Mag, "We'll start off with the mains, plus Stella and Shock Top, but you never know...if the customers demand something more esoteric, we can easily do that."

Coy told Ballwin-Ellisville Patch the food selection, led by chef BJ Baker, will feature American favorites with bold flavors, allowing Baker to make them his own.

Coy described the atmosphere as "reclaimed rustic," contributing to a sports bar vibe with 24 TVs throughout the dining area. Menu items include hamburgers, sandwiches, "a handful" of main entrees and appetizers.

"The way (the table-side taps) have worked in locations we've been to out of the state has been great," Coy said. The taps are the first of its kind in Missouri, allowing patrons to open a tab and pour up to two pints per customer.

While Coy and Ferretti are still ironing out final details, the team is aiming to host opening events the week of Sept. 3. The facility will most likely serve 60 to 70 guests at a time, according to the team, and extend outdoors to a rear patio to be used on a seasonal basis.

The Ranch is accepting applications for hired positions and is keeping in touch with potential customers on their Facebook page.

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Mark September 11, 2012 at 01:47 PM
I'm looking forward to trying the place, but I have to say the emphasis of the business model seems a bit weak.... self-serve metered beer? Whee. Seems a costly gimmick that will seem odd quickly. Beer lovers want one thing: Lotsa beer options served cheap. "Oh, but you can sample a little of all of them!"..... I can to that now at any decent beer-mined tavern for free. Good luck, I hope the food's good.


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