Fast Food Workers Target "Modern Day Slavery" in Ballwin

Workers are campaigning nationally and here in St. Louis County to raise pay for fast food employees to $15 per hour.

Fast food employees took their cause to a rally in Creve Coeur Tuesday and to the Wendy's restaurant in Ballwin. Video Credit: Gregg Palermo
Fast food employees took their cause to a rally in Creve Coeur Tuesday and to the Wendy's restaurant in Ballwin. Video Credit: Gregg Palermo

The movement to improve pay for the nation's fast food industry came to Ballwin Tuesday in the form of a protest at the Wendy's outlet on Manchester Road, where workers here were joined by others around the area.

Activists are pushing for an hourly wage of $15 and the ability to organize. Cinnamon Tigner, an employee there who took part in the protest instead of working Tuesday, described the work as "modern day slavery."

"I love my job, I love what I do," she told Patch by phone, but Tigner said she felt disrespected by restaurant management who she said act like they have power over employees. She said while $15 an hour was a goal, she'd like to see even a move to $10 or $11.

Tuesday's action started in East St. Louis at a McDonald's location and included a stop in Creve Coeur, where workers shared their story with hundreds of members of the United Mine Workers of America who were protesting the corporate headquarters of Arch Coal.

Axis August 18, 2013 at 10:25 PM
LLOL . . . which means I literally laughed out loud, not just in a figurative form of internet banter. College educated, I am. Liberal? Furthest thing from it -- equally distal that of a modern day 'conservative'. As for useless conversation? I asked questions that you and Eric did not answer, but instead reacted emotionally and not rationally. I comprehend that your entire view is that fast food jobs are not meant to be family supporting careers -- and I never stated such a job is meant to be a family supporting career, so you're arguing against yourself. You still fail to address / answer anything I've asked. Even with everything said the reminder repeats, I am not on either side of the argument, but simply asking questions to gain perspective -- and you are showing an attitude of entitlement, ignorance and contempt for anything that isn't a part of your world view. The only perspective I have gained from reading your blabber is that you are likely *not* a liberal.
Eric Tepen August 20, 2013 at 07:47 AM
Axis sounds very much like the poster "Disgusting" who bashed Walmart. Lots of theory learned in college but no real world common sense. Tries to confuse simple issues by writing long drawn out circular posts. Disgusting is that you?
Axis August 20, 2013 at 12:26 PM
No, I can assure you that post is not from this guy -- I only started posting when this article went up and I saw some of the hollow catch-phrase replies posted here. As for "no real world common sense," this is yet another vacuous statement that offers no insight into your issue with the questions I asked. I don't know why people who ask questions without choosing a side is such a threat / issue with you, but perhaps that is yet another question you should not explore.


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