Restaurant Inspections: Faraci Pizza, Frailey's Pub Up for Review

Check out the round-up of Ballwin and Ellisville-area restaurants and see how they make the grade.

Restaurant inspections are conducted by the St. Louis County Department of Health. Patch has a summary of the public reports affecting area eating and drinking establishments reviewed in the months of December and January.

Grade rankings range from A (highest) to C (lowest). Report comments and explanations are provided in Patch's summary. Follow-up inspections are noted, other visits are routine.

Arby's, 14120 Manchester Road
Inspection date: January 24
Grade: A (99)
Cutting boards not smooth and easily cleanable
Food items stored on floor of walk-in cooler

Dairy Queen, 15850 Clayton Road
Inspection date: January 25
Grade: A (100)
No comments provided in report

Faraci Pizza, 15430 Manchester Road
Inspection date: December 18
Grade: A (100)
No comments provided in report

Frailey's Pub, 15850 Manchester Road
Inspection date: December 18
Grade: A (98)
Cutting boards dark in color
Walls of walk-in cooler dark in color


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