Restaurant Review Round-Up: Circle 7 Ranch

See what diners like you had to say about this Ballwin restaurant.

After Circle 7 Ranch opened in Ballwin last fall, the parking lot in its home plaza Ballwin Grove has been packed nightly. With happy hour specials, table-side beer taps and TVs, Circle 7 has quickly become a favorite local hang-out.

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On Yelp (3 out of 5 stars average, 13 reviews):

Alisa T. said: "I returned to Circle 7 Ranch this past weekend with friends to give it another shot and am glad I did.

The place was packed (it was Sunday night of Christmas weekend) and the four of us had a drink at the bar while we waited for our table. Service at the bar was very slow, but the restaurant was really busy and conversation with friends eased the wait.

Once we were seated at our table (about a 20 minute wait), we started with the Fat Daddy Pickle Coins and they were pretty good. We also had the Smoked Brisket Nachos which were equally delicious. For our meals, we had the Kitchen Sink salad, the Bourbon Street Steak salad, the El Borracho burger, and a wrap. The food was good and the portions were plentiful. I believe everyone ate everything on their plates.

The menu was much more substantial during this visit and the atmosphere will bring me back. The televisions and open dining room are fantastic for watching games. The staff is friendly and attentive. Have a little patience when they are busy and you will definitely enjoy the experience."

Joanna E. said: "For families, I wouldn't recommend this place. The food was good but nothing superior. The place was so packed you couldn't even relax. I had tow kids under 3 with me so that made it worse. The exiting thing about this place is the beer at the tables. Other than that it was just ok to me. There was not a changing table on either bathroom which needs to be fixed. It's a good place for happy hot without kids. They need better food options that stand out. It seemed just like good bar food. That may be what they are going for, in which case it's good. The parking lot is a nightmare and you have to get there early to even get a table."

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On Urbanspoon (81% rating):

Parker K said: "Really love this restaurant. Great food, fantastic service, and one of the best sports bar atmospheres in the area. I've been working my way through the menu and have yet to find an item I do not enjoy. Personal favorites: fried pepper jack and the rise and shine burger."

MWeicht said: "Food isn't great and just because the beer is on the menu, doesn't mean you can order it. It's a fun place but they need to step it up a bit or they won't be around. Seating a party of 10 at a 6 top and shoving 2 giant chairs at the end of the table, and allowing the others to stand? No thanks."

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Vic Panus February 24, 2013 at 03:57 AM
This is no place to take 2 kids under 3 and then complain about no changing tables in the restrooms. Get a life and hire a baby sitter or stay out of the sports bar scene.Sounds like a stay at home mom looking for someone to take care of her 2 three year olds. Its a bar lady not a day care center. I din't want to see someone changing a poopy diaper when I go to the bathroom. They should be potty trained by now anyway
Trisha February 24, 2013 at 05:06 AM
OMG,person who ever wrote the above, get a freaking life!! You can have a changing table inside the restroom, away from everyone else. People w/children wanna go out to dinner like every one else once in awhile. Get a grip. Dude; or mama:) life is short ; enjoy. Hope you find happiness. Peace


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