Restaurant Review Round-Up: Lazy River Grill

See what restaurant goers are saying about establishments in Ballwin and Ellisville.

Disheartened that more dining establishments don't have frog legs on the menu? Then the Restaurant Review Round-Up has the place for you, the Lazy River Grill in Ballwin. 

Besides frog legs, the restaurant specializes in fish dishes and the decor is festooned with fishing apparatus such as rods and reels. You can also find burgers, steaks, chicken and sandwiches. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying about Lazy River Grill. Have an opinion on the best eats in the area yourself? Add a review of your own right here on Patch.    

From Yelp (4.0 avg/15 reviews):

Ann C gave it 4/5 stars: "We went for our anniversary because it is in the neighborhood and we've always said we needed to try it.  WE made a good choice!  I had the Ribeye, slightly thinner than I am used too, my date had the Frog legs which were very tender, not tough at all, and HUGE!"

John D gave it 2/5 stars: "I don't understand how this place is still around. I have never had good food nor have had good service, and the ambiance scares me."

Kelly R. gave it 4/5 stars: "This is my father's absolutely favorite restaurant in st. louis for one reason. The Walleye. I'm not a big seafood person, so I just took his word for it. Everyone at the table assures me it's wonderful and supposedly that is the big draw in general. I had the grilled chicken club (one of my weaknesses) and it was really tasty. Very thick bacon, perfectly prepared chicken, and enough cheese to satisfy the Wisconsoner in me."

From Urban Spoon:

Bob liked it: "The biggest problem with the LRG is that the fish sandwiches are so good that it is difficult to order anything else! On occasion I have and was never disappointed. My mouth is watering."

Jill didn't like it: "I went there one evening for dinner with my family and friends and was having a wonderful evening with them. I ordered the walleye and I know my fish and it was not walleye. I made my husband who is an experienced fishermen who fishes in Canada take a bite of my meal and he could tell right away."


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