10 Most Read in St. Louis: Decapitated Baby, Hurricane Sandy, Food Trucks in St. Charles and More

Check out the 10 most read stories on Missouri Patch sites for the month of October.

1. Lawsuit Claims Baby Was Decapitated During Delivery at Mercy

Sometimes, the news can be tragic. That was certainly the case in this report from Creve Coeur Patch

According to a 10-count complaint filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, a local couple claimed that doctors involved with the delivery of their baby coerced them into a vaginal delivery against their wishes and then hid the fact that their baby had been decapitated during the delivery process.

The same story, posted on Florissant Patch (), also ranked among the most read stories in Missouri Patch.

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2. What Time is Tonight’s Obama v. Romney Presidential Debate?

Patch has gone all-in this election season, bringing readers coverage unlike any other media outlet around. And readers have responded. That was clear when we had hundreds of readers opining on Who Won the Presidential Debate? stories. 

On top of that, thousands were clearly searching for when and where each debate was, because this story on Maryland Heights Patch, listing the time, date and place of the first presidential election hit big among readers.

A post out of O'Fallon Patch—Presidential Debate Schedule 2012—also got several thousands reads.

Be sure to check back with your local Missouri Patch site for all the election coverage you can handle.

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3. Man Caught Frying Bacon in Home He Burglarized Gets 7 Years in Prison

Dan Barger, our Fenton-High Ridge Patch editor, regularly puts together a roundup of strange crime in the area. Needless to say, there are some weird things that happen in the St. Louis-area.

How could you not click on this headline?

In the Arnold Patch report, a man was caught frying bacon in one of the University City homes he burglarized. The man later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison after he admitted his part in the crimes in St. Louis County Circuit Court and was immediately sentenced to concurrent seven-year terms.

Last September a woman reported encountering the man in her home and that he was frying bacon in her kitchen after stealing items there.

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4. Sub-Tropical Storm Sandy: Hour by Hour Accounting

Patch, on a national scale, has incredible reach. With sites stretching from coast to coast—and hundreds in between—Patch is on the story no matter where it's at. 

Hurricane Sandy didn't affect St. Louis weather too much, aside from bringing cooler temperatures to the area, but that didn't stop Missouri Patch readers from wondering what was happening along the East Coast.

Eureka-Wildwood Patch was there to fill that need, bringing its readers detailed reports from our Patch colleagues and national media on the East Coast. The next day, 10 firefighter and water rescue specialists from Eureka and Wildwood headed to the East Coast to assist with storm recovery efforts.

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Crime reports such as this one from Wentzville Patch always seem to do well among readers.

In this case, a trio consisting of a mother, daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend were arrested on drug charges after selling fake methamphetamine and real meth to an undercover officer in Wentzville on Sept. 17 and Sept. 19.

Detectives said the three intended to trade the pseudoephedrine to a meth cook for finished meth, and all three would receive part of the finished product. They also had a blender and coffee filters, which they also intended to deliver to a meth cook to help make the substance.

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6. Freshman Football Player at Seckman High School Dies

A 14-year-old freshman at Seckman High School died unexpectedly on Oct. 24.

Jacob Siebert was on the school's football and lacrosse teams. According to an autopsy, the teen died from blood clots in his lungs which had traveled from his legs.

"He was well liked by everyone, and he loved football and lacrosse. It's such a tragedy when a child passes away," one district official said. 

These types of stories are always tragic. But the way most communities react to such news is usually inspiring. 

Family, friends and community members came together to celebrate Siebert's life.

There were two lines to get into the church prior to the memorial service at Windsor Baptist Church. Many people wore bright blue — the high school's color. Some wore bright blue ribbons with Jacob Siebert's photo in the middle.

Then at Seckman's football game that week, there was a moving moment of silence.

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7. Update: Food Truck Day Planned for Frontier Park Oct. 4

Food trucks don't make an appearance in St. Charles County very often. Apparently, there's an appetite for it—and to read about it.

This story, which gave the details of St. Charles' first large-scale food truck event, got thousands of reads.

The St. Charles Parks Department organized the event, which Director Maralee Britton hoped would be similar to the monthly Food Truck Friday events at Tower Grove Park, hosted by Sauce Magazine.

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Talk about your all-time great neighbors.

A witness spotted a man raising a screen and crawling through a window at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday in Affton, enabling police to catch the man inside the house.

St. Louis County Police said they found Dzevad Bektic inside a house in the 9500 block of Tiber Drive wearing socks on his hands. He had $8 in change and a jewelry box with jewelry valued at $560, according to the report.

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9. Matheny's Son Among Westminster Athletes Signing With Universities

Normally, a story on a local high school athlete signing with a college wouldn't garner much attention. Family and friends would read it for sure and coaches of the athlete might also give it a glance. 

But when you include the St. Louis Cardinals' newest manager Mike Matheny, it's a bit different. 

Westminster Christian Academy officials celebrated their own version of National Signing Day with a ceremony honoring Wildcat student-athletes Ryan Haxel (golf), Ellie Huffman (softball), and Tate Matheny (baseball), who all recently signed national letters of intent to play sports at three local NCAA Division I colleges beginning next fall.

Matheny signed to play baseball at Missouri State University in Springfield beginning in the 2012-13 school year.

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10. Update: Florissant Man Killed in St. Peters Crash

Jeffrey Conway, 27, of Florissant, was killed when his 2004 Monte Carlo crashed on Salt River Road in St. Peters on Monday. 

According to St. Peters police, a white 2004 Monte Carlo was travelling westbound on Salt River Road and three other vehicles were travelling eastbound Salt Rivers Road (Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Sonoma, and a Kia Soul). 

The driver of the Monte Carlo crossed the centerline for reasons that are still unknown. The Monte Carlo then clipped a Chevy Trailblazer travelling eastbound on Salt River Road. A family member took the female driver of the Trailblazer to the hospital where she was diagnosed with minor injuries. 

After clipping the Trailblazer, the Monte Carlo then struck the second vehicle, a GMC Sonoma, causing that vehicle to rollover. The male driver of the Sonoma was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital and is being released with minor injuries.

The Monte Carlo then struck the third vehicle travelling eastbound on Salt Rivers Road.


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