Klamberg Woods, Bluebird Park Closing for Managed Deer Hunt

The areas will be closed Dec. 4-6 for the final managed deer hunt of the year.

Selected hunters have been selected by the Missouri Department of Conservation to participate in a managed deer hunt in Klamberg Woods and Bluebird Park Dec. 4-6. The areas will reopen to the public Dec. 7.

Another managed hunt was hosted in the area Nov. 6-8 in an effort to control the deer population. A total of 17 deer were harvested during the three-day hunt, during which hunters were required to follow specific requirements. Archery or crossbow equipment were the only weapons permitted, and shots had to be taken from elevated stands. An anterless deer had to be taken before another deer (with antlers or without) could be.

The City of Ellisville press release added:

"When deer numbers are high, other plant and wildlife species struggle to survive or disappear altogether. To be responsible land managers, deer numbers should be kept in balance with the other species at Klamberg Woods. MDC strives to meet their Constitutional mandate whichincludes the wise management of our natural resources. These management efforts often include population control through harvesting. The hunters were given the option to donate the meat to the Share the Harvest program to help feed those in need."

For more questions about the managed deer hunts, contact Erin Shank, Wildlife Biologist with the Department of Conservation at (314) 301-1506, or Lisa Blumer, Director of Parks and Recreation at (636)227-7508.

Mike K November 27, 2012 at 04:02 PM
As an Ellisville resident, and victimized-by-deer homeowner, I fully support DNR and the city in this effort. Kudos. And I applaud the gift of healthy locally sourced meats for the Share the Harvest program. This is full of win. Happy hunting to the lucky hunters.
CK November 27, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Hooray!!! I totally agree with Mike K


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