Mia Sorella, West County Honda, and Walmart Appeal: Feedback Friday

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Marcella's Mia Sorella Opens in Ballwin

The new Italian restaurant got people talking after it opened earlier this week.


Holly Griffin said the toasted raviolis are "way better at Fortels!!!!!!" What do you think?


Yvonne Corley: "Went to dinner there last night. It was fabulous!"

West County Honda Dealership Seeks Old State Expansion

A proposal for an expansion of West County Honda to grant the dealership more storage space sparked some conversation as well.


E. Schmidt: "No need to build new auto dealerships. I have some vacant auto dealerships east of me." ... "There seems to be demand for auto dealership space now, so why create more in an area where it requires zoning changes and the neighbors who bought their residential homes under a different set of zoning rules don't want it?"

Mike K: "Not to mention the empty lot next to the Ford dealership across the street. Why pay more for cleanup to an existing eyesore across the street from you when you can create a new one at the expense of the property owners that will be your neighbors when you don't need their permission to do it?"

Ellisville Article 9 Alliance Submits Appeal to Walmart Permit

Residents and property owners submitted an appeal to the city council regarding the controversial Walmart project. People on both sides of the issue shared their view.


Laura: "We are in favor of the new Ellisville Walmart. We bought a house in Ellisville partly because our realtor told us a year and a half ago that a new Walmart was coming. As it is now we have to go to Chesterfield or Manchester. Having an Ellisville Walmart would be so much easier. ..."

S K: "... It's called progress. Yes, some people will be adversely affected, and that stinks. We need to make sure they are compensated, and help them in any way we can. We need to make sure things are done well, and that all the right questions are asked. And then we need to look to other things that need our attention."

E. Schmidt: "... That was the point I was making...the cost to others...and there is a cost which is substantial or even devastating if your home is one of your bigger assets. So, exactly who is being a "spoiled suburbanite" when they are willing to ignore those devastating costs to others?...many of whom are retired people who could well be upside down on their mortgages with declining values if "progress" marches on."

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