Restaurant Review Round-Up: Mi Lupita

See what local residents are saying about restaurants in Ballwin and Ellisville.

It's election day, so if participating in democracy has you working up a serious hunger, the Restaurant Review Round-Up is here to help with a trip south of these United States to Mi Lupita.

This Mexican eatery describes itself as an "Old Mexican" restaurant and is located across from New Ballwin Road in the Central Plaza. Specialties include pork chimichangas, pollo asado and chicken enchiladas with poblano sauce. 

They also claim to have the best guacamole in town, so help us factcheck this assertion and vote your agreement/disagreement in the comments section below. 

The following reviews collected by Patch are a representative sample aimed at giving you a flavor of what local residents are saying about Mi Lupita. You can add a review of your own right here on Patch.    

From Patch:

Robin Ragsdale gave it 4/5 stars and said: "I eat at Mi Lupita almost every week. Great good, reasonable prices and wonderful staff!"

DR gave it 1/5 stars and said: "Do NOT go here if you want service, especially take-out ... I sat there for 40 minutes waiting on a Chimichanga."

Melissa gave it 5/5 stars and said: "We love Mi Lupita! They have the best lunch special in the area. Currently it's $5.25 Mon-Sat for an entree with rice and beans, as well as a drink, chips and salsa with free refills.

From Yelp:

Joseph L. gave it 4/5 stars and said: "I have been coming to this place for well over 10 years, so that has to say something right.  Don't get me wrong, I love Senior Pique as well, Mi Lupita has a lot going for it. ... It is hopping a lot of times, because the good is good, not great, not mind blowing, but good food. The prices are low and the service is great and the food comes out most times super fast."

Maggie W. gave it 2/5 stars and said: "Definitely not my favorite.  I would go to Senor Pique any day, which is right down the street.  I ordered a chicken burrito (my standby), which was quite dry.  The beans seemed processed and the rice was plain.  The cheese, I think, was simply mozzarella and not the yummy thinner standard white queso used at Senor and other Mexican restaurants now

Andrew T. gave it 5/5 stars and said: "Just a reminder - you are doing yourself a disservice if you order the standard stuff. Don't come here for the burritos. Frankly - don't go anywhere for the burritos, but I digress. The specialty plates are what are worth ordering here. You really can get some terrific food - I feel like Mi Lupita is getting a bad rap as a result of people not liking the chimichangas."

Rockwood 25 November 06, 2012 at 09:49 PM
5/5 stars LOVE Mi Lupita! Great food at great prices and usually very fast. Not typical Mexican restaurant fare. Family recipies made from scratch, both usual standbys with slew of entrees not often seen and are Great! They easily adjust items for those with allergies and have "heat" Americanized but will happily make it with more kick they way they cook for their own family, if you like. Some of our faves are chorizo w/ eggs & potato, fresh cactus dishes, chilles rellenos, pollo asada, anything w/mole sauce, chorizo & cheese "dip", nachos supreme, and tacos or enchiladas with the always succulent chicken or pork. We hear the drinks are great, too.


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