Tony Pousosa for St Louis County Exec, Read about & Meet him

(Tony Pousosa will be holding Town Hall meetings: Wednesday Nov. 27  at Daniel Boone Library 300 Clarkson Rd in Ellisville.  Time is 6PM to 7:30PM

And Saturday Nov. 30 at the St Louis County Library Headquarter 1640 So. Lindbergh Frontenac. Time is 12:30PM to 2:30PM.)


There are three known candidates for St Louis County Executive. Tony Pousosa from Green Park is the Republican challenger. The incumbent, a Democrat, is Charley Dooley, and his Democrat challenger, Steve Stenger. Stenger is a County councilor.

Frankly, Tony is the best candidate.  He is very approachable, receptive and responds to the citizens.  He has the proven ability to work with difficult issues.

Community service is an important part of Tony’s background. He has been a volunteer with the St. Louis County Police 3rd & 4th precincts as a member of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association 2009 to present and the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Board Member 2009 to 2013. He has also active as a 4th Degree Knights of Columbus member.

Tony Pousosa has a strong background in municipal government and has worked to encourage growth and new business to his community as an Alderman for the City of Green Park.   He was President for the Board of Alderman from 2007-2008. He is also a Board Member of the Green Park Planning and Zoning Commission.  Tony is active with the St. Louis County Municipal League and was a Legislative Affairs Committeeman for the organization during 2010-2011.

Tony is always thinking of his constituents.  During his tenure, the City of Green Park took on the traffic safety problems of Green Park Road. The City of Green Park rebuilt nearly 1 mile of this road. Tony was instrumental in advocating for the residents living on Green Park Road. He fought for residents to have the city change its plan to move the sidewalks from the residential side to the park side of the road. Tony also led the charge to have the sidewalks become pedestrian trails that would allow Green Park residents safe access to Clydesdale Park. This was completed late summer of 2012.

Tony was also involved in the replacement of the Green Park Road Bridge over Gravois Creek, which was completed under budget. He was also involved in the Green Park Residential Street Replacement program that has replaced many of the streets in the city either on budget or slightly under budget.

During his tenure: the Green Park Commerce Center has been re-developed by approving the relocation and/or development of the following companies Bitrode Corporation, Ashley Furniture Warehouse, Balls and Strikes South, to name a few. Also, the following businesses moved to Green Park: Dairy Queen, Lion’s Choice with rebuilding new store, and Golden Corral (which has become the best performing Golden Corral restaurant in the U.S.). Other businesses include Dalo Auto Glass and Safe Lite Auto Glass. There are new businesses and residential developments looking to move to Green Park in 2014.

Compare this: during the Dooley and Stenger’s terms, offering the people nothing but pay to play schemes, back door deals and numerous other scandals at taxpayer expense.

Who do you want working for you?



Tony has been employed at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for 28 years and currently works as a member of the operating room surgical team. He was Patient Care Advisory Council Chairman and has been a member of the committee from 2003-2012.  He is the CAM OR Unit Practice Committee Chairman and has been on the Patient Advisory Council of Excellence (PACE) member since 2010.

Compare Tony against Charley Dooley.  I want you to remember that Dooley was a manager of Custodians at Boeing.  There is nothing wrong with his starting out as custodian and working his way up.   But are his management skills up to County Executive? Apparently not!  Remember we have a few million dollar surprises under Charley’s stewardship. 

We have the $1 Mn for the cancelled trash hauling contracts.  The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that County broke the contracts without adequate notice.  Charley has said it will cost us a million dollars.  We have the Health Department IT fraud: that is $3.4 Mn.   We also have the County Crime lab construction contract being investigated by the FBI.   Enough said about Charley he is not up to the job.

So, what about Steve Stenger?  He is a Certified Public Accountant and lawyer.  And he probably knows some things about budgeting. So where was he when the contracts for IT services were let out? Did he object when St Louis County gave the subcontract to a sitting police commissioner?  Not heard from, or any complaint, until it became a hot public issue.

Stenger told Charles Jaco, he wants the County’s books & accounts audited.  That is OK: but, by his CPA friends? at their CPA audit prices??  I don’t think they would be cheap.  And would their advice or service would be any better than what is already available?

Tony Pousosa wants the State Auditor to do it.  I bet that would be less expensive, and the Missouri Auditor certainly knows quite a lot about county governments’ finances, business practices and procedures.

That is what you have in Tony Pousosa.  Common sense, a steady grasp of what is important and needed. We don’t need a name change, we need a game changer!!


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