Ballwin Man's White Peacock on the Loose in St. Louis County

Glendale police say a Ballwin man had one as a pet, but didn't know he had to clip its wings to keep it from flying away.

Apparently, white peacocks are loose in St. Louis County — or maybe it's just one peacock who may have its roots in Ballwin.

Glendale police reported Monday they had several calls about a white peacock roaming neighborhoods in the 300 block of Luther Lane, the 800 block of E. Essex and the 800 block of Hanamoor Court.

A police report said investigators late last week discovered that a white peacock belonged to a Ballwin man who was attempting to capture it. According to the report: "He bought three of these peacocks earlier this year, (and) he did not know the wings had to be clipped to prevent them from flying."

This apparently isn't that rare lately.

Teri Graves, director of education at World Bird Sanctuary, said her facility has gotten a number of reports of loose peacocks — some of them albinos, some normally plumed — since early spring.

Reports have come from South County and other parts of the region.

"They're not native to this area. It's clearly one that has gotten away from someone," Graves said.

Back in May 31, reader Jenny Unger reported in the Ballwin-Ellisville Facebook page that she too saw three peacocks roaming around her neighborhood. 

"I saw 3 peacocks in Ballwin today," Unger wrote. "This one was on a roof and nearby were 2 peahens, one white and one gray. I'm not sure where they came from!"

Nobody has reported missing a peacock, according to Graves.

"People are genuinely concerned about it and making sure it's safe," she said.

Sgt. Bob Catlett, Glendale police spokesman, would not release the name of the Ballwin man who was searching for his lost peacock.

"He told us at the last sighting to disregard notifying him any more," Catlett told Patch.

Have you seen a white peacock? Tell us about it in the comments. Did you get a picture? Please share it with us in our Pics & Clips Gallery.

Carolyn Hasenfratz November 01, 2012 at 12:33 PM
The peahen looks like one I caught in Brentwood on October 18. I took it to the Humane Society which took it to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.


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