Ellisville Police Investigating Jamaica Lottery Scam

A scam victim in the Ellisville area received a phone call and fax saying she won $5.5 million and a new car.

Ellisville Police Department is investigating a lottery scam after a victim was contacted by phone and fax and told she won $5.5 million and a new car.

Police said an 88-year-old woman answered a phone call from an 876 (Jamaica) area code and was told she was the winner of a Mega Millions Sweepstakes Lottery. She subsequently received a fax with fake lottery documents.

The documents said the winner would receive a cashier's check and $95,000 in cash supplied by General Motors. The lottery said the winner would have to pay $87,000 in taxes.

Police said the victim's son contacted them after $60,000 was transferred to the scammers through a Western Union wire transfer. The exact amount is not yet known.

The St. Louis Postal Inspector's office is partnering in the investigation. Ellisville Police stated the following in a press release Wednesday:

"If any person receives such an announcement of lottery winnings regardless of the name or what is promised, please contact your local police department and/or a relative or the Postal Inspector, and under no circumstances, send any money to these unscrupulous individuals.

As a community service and as a result of this scam, the police department is in the process of creating a program designed to educate our citizens, especially our seniors who are more vulnerable to falling for these schemes." 

What do you think? Have you heard of this scam before? Tell us in the Comments.

Joyce Scannell May 13, 2013 at 10:51 PM
I received am email today stating I won 4.5M in an Internet promotion. I then responded is this a scam? I then received a second email, very professional, asking me to complete a winners form and requested a copy of my drivers license or passport. Of course I won't, but how many elderly people will? I will forward the emails if you would like to investigate as I believe something needs to be done.


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