Man Helps Himself to Supermarket Chicken After Stuffing Vodka in his Pants

A roundup of odd, unusual and off-the-wall crimes in and around St. Louis.

Chicken-Eating Vodka Thief

The store security staff at Dierbergs Market, in Arnold, watched a man stuff four bottles of Absolut vodka down his pants Sept. 30 and then walk through the store eating chicken from the deli, according to police. When the man tried to leave the store, the security staff tried to stop him and the man kicked them. He was booked and held.

A Man Walks Into a Bar

A St. Peters man walked into a sports bar on Jungermann Road Oct. 15 and slugged a complete stranger who was watching television. The victim said he did not know his assailant, had never spoken to him and had never met him before.

Six Cars Stolen From Dealership; One Left Behind

Auto thieves snatched approximately six cars from the Johnny Londoff Chevrolet dealership in Florissant on Oct. 12. While investigating how many cars had been taken, police identified a stolen car that had been taken from a Lou Fusz dealership at Page Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard and left on the Londoff lot.

They are investigating a possible connection.

Even though the thieves breached the Londoff dealership's security system, they apparently weren't able to overcome the OnStar security system on the vehicles. Several of the Londoff stolen cars were located due to the OnStar  tracking feature on the vehicles.

Odd Items on Thief's Shopping List

A New Jersey man was charged Oct. 1 with stealing after police said he took  several items from Walmart in St. Peters, including wind chimes, a coffee maker and bedding. The man, who gave his address as a St. Charles Motel 6, had taken the items from store displays and placed them in his shopping cart, which already contained DVDs, a telephone and electronics, before wheeling the cart out of the store

Small Burglar Uses Doggie Door to Enter Home

An apparently diminutive Burglar squeezed through a rear doggie door Oct. 15 to gain entry to a home in Fenton where $90 in bills and coins and miscellaneous jewelry was stolen. The value of the stolen property was set at $130.

A Smaller Burglar May Have Been Able to Squeeze Through

St. Louis County Police said a man and a woman removed a window screen from a home in the Marylan Heights area. Police said the two planned to open a window, crawl through it and burglarize the home, but the window would not open wide enough for them to get through.

The woman was charged with second-degree attempted burglary. The man has not yet been charged.

Addicted to Crazy Low Prices?

A man who had been banned from Walmart, in Fenton, for multiple shoplifting charges, was caught there again Oct. 12 and arrested, this time, for trespassing.

Food and Drink on the Run

A woman had dinner and drinks Sept. 30 totalling $42 at Bandana's in Fenton, then left without paying. Later, down the road at Hot Shots, the same woman ordered dinner and drinks totalling $56 and, again, left without paying. This time she was located by police and admitted she was the same woman who "ate and ran" at Bandana's. She was arrested.

Great Expectorations

A 35-year-old woman reported road rage incident Oct. 6 with the aggressor spitting into her vehicle while she was driving in St. Charles striking a 13-year-old boy in the face.

Police Crash Wedding Party

Police arrested several people at Hampton Inn in St. Charles around midnight Oct. 7 after getting a report of a disruptive wedding party.

Artichoke Annie October 24, 2012 at 01:19 PM
The "Chicken-Eating Vodka Thief" got it all wrong. He should have stuffed the chicken down his pants and drank the vodka.
Frank Johnson October 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM
It would have made the ride to jail more fun, at least.


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