'Ride Of The Century' Event Contained, Say St. Louis County Police

No traffic fatalities, assaults or property damage crimes were reported to the St. Louis County Police Department related to the 2012 “Ride of the Century” annual motorcycle activities.

When the Streetfighterz motorcycle group—known for doing stunts while traveling on highways—came to St. Louis for its annual Ride of the Century, hundreds of bikers from across the country rolled into town on Saturday. Missouri Department of Transportation officials and area police officers stepped up patrols, and drivers took pictures of the ride at various points.

In fact, the Missouri Highway Patrol used road blocks to stop hundreds of the group's bikers from traveling on certain highways over the weekend. As many as 1,700 motorcycle riders were estimated to be convening in St. Louis for this event.

St. Louis County Police Department's spokesperson and officer Randy Vaughn released on Monday afternoon the final enforcement numbers related to activities associated with the “Ride of the Century” event covering the period from Friday, Sept. 14 through Sunday, Sept. 16:

Total Enforcement Numbers:

  • 76 Related Calls for Service
  • 63 Citations
  • 19 Arrests (two drug arrests, 1 warrant arrest, all others were traffic arrests)
  • 18 Towed motorcycles
  • 3 Guns seized
  • 2 Drug arrests
  • 1 Vehicle accident
J September 18, 2012 at 01:41 PM
The MSHP and St. Charles County Sheriff's office were the only 2 who failed to do anything to prevent situations, they were more obsessed with the money aspect. Of course waiting till the very end of the ride. "Destination point" already after the ride had came to an end. Great job St. Louis County agencies!


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