Ann Wagner Calls Akin's Statements About Rape 'Indefensible'

Wagner responds to Senate candidate Todd Akin's controversial statements regarding rape and pregnancy earlier this week.

In the days after U.S. Rep. Todd Akin's and its effects on pregnancy , politicians on both sides of the aisle have for a Senate seat.

From Missouri Republican leaders to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, several past the bow-out deadline earlier this week.

But one notable Republican had remained silent on the issue. about the lack of response from Ballwin's Ann Wagner, the balloted Republican for the 2nd congressional district in Missouri -- Akin's current working position.

Wagner's campaign released a statement Thursday, after some reports that Wagner may take Akin's place in the race in the event of his stepping down:

“As a staunch defender of the unborn I believe life begins at conception. Todd Akin's comments about rape were wrong and indefensible. Todd has apologized and understands he was wrong in what he said.

It is now up to Missouri voters to decide whether they accept his apology. Our country is at a crossroads and we are facing serious issues brought on by the overreach of government in our lives, out-of-control spending and debt, and an environment that does not promote job creation and economic prosperity. I have been running for Congress in Missouri's 2nd District for 16 months and will continue to work hard to earn the trust and confidence of every voter.”

As of Thursday, against Democrat incumbent for the U.S. Senate spot for Missouri.

Mike K August 24, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Akin has said he meant to say 'forcible' rape, and quote the Republican party platform position. Can someone clarify if that means that Akin and his fellow Republicans would be ok with allowing pregnancy termination in cases of 'statutory' rape? Or 'consensual' rape? Really? 'Forcible' rape? What other kind of rape is there? Is this the Republican vision of LESS government intrusion and regulation? I can only conclude Akin and his supporters are OK with it as long as it is in _your_ bedroom and not _their_ wallets.
Rockwood 25 August 26, 2012 at 10:38 PM
I'm confused. If Akin would've replaced "legitimate" rape with "forcible" rape and left out the medically erroneous part about the body stopping a pregnancy, it is the same legislation that Akin and Ryan recently.co-sponsored. He has apologized for the "legitimate" and medical error parts and asked for forgiveness. The stance of no abortions for any reason is the current GOP platform. Ann Wagner has spent the last year or two applauding Akin and repeated stated her stances were the same as Akin's. Now she wants to take his place because he isn't good enough?
Votemout2012 August 27, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Wagner is a career politician want to be. Todd has served our district for 12 Yrs with honor and conservative votes. He has an 82% from Heritage Action for conservative voting. I'm voting for Todd. 1st time in his career he screwed up and we are going to hang him out to dry? Todd has done the right thing straight down the line that is why republican establishment hate him. He is his own man looking out for voters. This is a hit job by republican establishment!


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