Article 9 Amendment Tabled for Special Ellisville City Council Meeting

Originally on the agenda for Wednesday's regular meeting, the last-minute agenda addition was moved to discussion Thursday because of lack of time to review.

A proposal to include an Article 9 amendment on the Nov. 6 election ballot was tabled for a special Ellisville City Council meeting Thursday. 

, Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul argued there was "not enough time to review" the proposal for consideration, adding the proposal was submitted within 48 hours of the regular meeting. Paul cited the 48-hour necessity in the Ellisville Home Rule Charter, and City Attorney Paul Martin stated the proposal would be valid for Thursday's meeting.

Article 9 of the Ellisville City Charter addresses recall procedures for elected officials. 

Council Member Matt Pirrello proposed specific reasons should be included, such as "misconduct in office, incompetence or the failure to perform duties prescribed by law." The cause for recall would have to be stated in 200 words or less, according to the proposal.

Ellisville residents particularly opposed to TIF legislation for a pending Walmart have been fighting for a recall of council members after the TIF passed, and say Pirrello's proposal to amend Article 9 would make it more difficult to recall elected members of city government. The ordinance granting a conditional use permit to Walmart was also postponed at Wednesday's meeting.

The special meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.

Rockwood 25 August 16, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Articles should be changed when all regarding them is quiet. Changing an Article in the midst of its use is dishonest. The citizens are going about due process as currently defined. This is NOT the time to change the Article. However, for those who wish to change it midstream, perhaps that could be considered "misconduct" under the Article. Just when one thinks elected officials can't get any lower...


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