Ballwin Approves Deer Hunting on Private Property

The ordinance is deemed an attempt at deer control in the Ballwin area.

The Ballwin Board of Aldermen voted in favor 6-1 to approve a deer hunting ordinance as a means of deer control during the aldermen meeting Oct. 8.

Alderman Mark Harder said he brought the bill to the Board almost a year ago after Ballwin resident Linda Gephardt was struck directly by a deer in an Ellisville parking lot, suffering injuries requiring months of recovery.

"(The incident) motivated me to come up with some way to thin out the deer population," Harder said at the meeting Monday. "This way they don't pose a hazard to cars or property."

Ward 4 Alderman Kathy Kerlagon provided the sole nay vote. 

"I enjoy the deer," Kerlagon said. "I like watching them." Kerlagon added she had had several negative responses from residents opposed to the legislation.

Ballwin property owners with land one acre or larger, after meeting set requirements, may bow hunt for deer during deer season. Prior to approval, the proposed legislation was amended to include prohibition of hunting on city property. Other highlights from the ordinance regulations include:

  • The property owner must notify the Ballwin Police Department prior to hunting, including set information and a notification of intent to hunt form.
  • The property owner must also provide the city with a certificate of insurance or indemnity bond in an amount no less than $2 million.
  • The hunt will conform to all State regulations defined by the Missouri Department of Conservation.
  • Written permission from other property owners must be provided if a hunter intends to hunt on another property.
  • Neighbors on contiguous properties must also be notified of the hunting period.
  • Any harvested deer must be reported to the Ballwin Police Department within two business days.
  • Hunters must mark each arrow with the appropriate Department of Conservation ID number.
  • An archery hunter safety course must be completed prior to hunting.

View the full ordinance text here.

The City of Ellisville is considering a similar ordinance and worked closely with Ballwin in the process.


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Sandra Eskridge October 09, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I hope Ms. Gephardt feels vindicated. I am sure that is a better feeling than I am experiencing right now--nausea!
jim paul October 09, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Wow, "I hope Mr. Gephardt feels vindicated." Like she stood out there and said please deer come hit me. I know funny and you are funny.


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