Pirrello Says Ellisville Walmart-TIF Vote Possible Next Week

The incumbent mayor said a vote next week regarding a tax incentive for Walmart developers on the first day Ellisville Mayor-Elect Adam Paul is expected to be sworn in could end up happening.

The incumbent mayor of said a vote regarding a tax incentive for Walmart developers on the first day Mayor-Elect Adam Paul is expected to be sworn in next week is possible.

Mayor Matt Pirrello said that while the city could see a vote at that time on whether to give Walmart's developers a TIF—which would allow the developers to capture half of all sales tax growth in the area for the next two decades—a decision next month or possibly even later appeared more likely.

Pirrello said Mayor-Elect Adam Paul recently expressed additional concerns about the project, including possible revenue replacements for the city if the development is not approved; Ellisville city staff previously estimated that the Walmart site alone would generate about $500,000 annually for the city's yearly budget of roughly $9 million.

"And really, his points need to be discussed with the entire council," Pirrello said Thursday.

Regardless of whether the issue receives a vote next week, the meeting will take place at , marking a change of venue from the meetings usually held at city hall. The last two council meetings have , most of whom attended due to concerns about the proposed tax increment financing district for the Sansone Group, the development firm facilitating the project at the  roads.

"A lot of members of the public have shown up and thrown numbers at us—dollars and cents numbers—and this all comes down to what's in the best interests of Ellisville going forward," Pirrello said. "And now, I think that because some time has gone by, there are more people, including myself, who are open to hearing more viewpoints which still really are coming in."

Opposition to the proposal for a Walmart has led to , the mayor said this month, which complicated the process of selecting a venue for last week's meeting.

Police had told Pirrello that was easier to oversee than the Parks & Administration Building or the Daniel Boone Branch Library—two alternatives that might accommodate more visitors. Following last week's meeting, however, Pirrello and city law enforcement agreed on the new location.

"They felt it was the best location for being able to provide a secure environment versus the parks building, as an example, so I have to comply with them on that."

The Ellisville City Council is scheduled to next meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 18 at .


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