Residents Press Charges for Assaults in Ballwin Neighborhood

White Tree subdivision approached Ballwin Police about disturbances and an assault from a neighbor.

Residents of White Tree subdivision came out in support of solving a neighborhood problem at the Ballwin Board of Aldermen meeting Sept. 10.

Sandy and Dean Daugherty came forward at the Ballwin Board of Aldermen meeting Sept. 10 to address assault charges and disturbance claims against a particular residence in the neighborhood. 

Sandy said the source is "a criminal with an ankle bracelet" who was "released" and resides in White Tree.

Dean Daugherty walked around the aldermen bench to show an injury on his face, which Sandy said he suffered from an assault in which she also received an injury to her leg.

She added speeding had become an issue and that used condoms, empty beer cans and alcohol bottles, human feces and vomit had been found in their yard over the past three months.

"We love Ballwin and don't want to leave it," Sandy said. "But we've both had threats on our lives."

Ballwin Police Chief Steven Schicker said the department is working on coordinating a time to meet with the neighborhood to best solve the problem.

"We're looking into ways to see how we can improve our level of service in this situation and asking them to call as incidents develop," Schicker said.

Schicker added the neighborhood and police department were aiming to meet within the next week.

Keep checking in. Patch is following this story as it develops. 


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