Smoking Ban in St. Louis County Casinos?

There's reportedly a push to make area casinos smoke-free and it could take a step closer to reality Tuesday.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis County Councilman Mike O’Mara plans to introduce legislation Tuesday to apply the St. Louis County smoking ban to county casinos.

The article reports that O’Mara wants to remove all exemptions from the county's smoking ban, and that includes River City Casino and Hollywood Casino St. Louis.

O'Mara cited the health issue of smoke and was also quoted making the following statement in the Post-Dispatch article.

“My goal is to get this ordinance cleaned up so that everyone in the county is on a level playing field,” O’Mara, D-Florissant, said Friday. “I’ve heard from too many owners of bars and restaurants who have convinced me that it is unfair that some businesses have the exemption while others, sometimes located right up the street, don’t.”

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley reportedly supports eliminating the exemptions to the smoking ban.

According to the report, O’Mara plans to address the issue at Tuesday's St. Louis County Council meeting.

There are reportedly 135 establishments in the county that have exemptions from the smoking ban.

The Post reports that Councilmen Greg Quinn, R-Ballwin, could not be reached for a comment on the proposal by the time the article printed. 

(Read the entire St. Louis Post-Dispatch article here.)

Vic Panus January 28, 2013 at 02:26 AM
IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GO INTO AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT ALLOWS SMOKING IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO STAY OUT.. Just don't tell me what can or can't do in my buusiness. The government tells me who I can hire, what kind of oil I have to fry my fries in, etc. The people that don't want smoking in bars , probably have never entered those establishments. Or they did so once so they could complain. Some time ago there was a person in a wheel chair that visited hundreds of restruants to see if his chair would fit in the bathroons. He never went back to any of those places BUT HE SUED AND SUED AND SUED AND SUED. Put some places out of business. If you don't like my tavern--STAY OUT. And where did the figures of about 10,000 deaths a year from smoking come from? NO ACTUAL CANCER TEST WERE DONE, ONLY " well he did smoke before he/she died" My mother died at 90, living in a one room studio for 12 years and my father smoked over 2 packs a day. Did NOT die from second hand smoke. Create FEAR in the minds of the dogooders and help the lawyers.


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