Walmart Forecast to Generate $500,000 for Ellisville

The proposal under the Sansone Group could bring in roughly half a million dollars annually in city sales tax revenues.

A project developers have described as an Ellisville's business community could create approximately $500,000 in annual sales tax revenue if the project is approved, Ellisville city staff reported Friday.

Last week, an Ellisville TIF commission as required by law regarding a possible tax-incentive the project's developers are seeking. The TIF, or tax increment financing, would allow the developers to retain half of all newly-create sales tax dollars generated at the site.

If Friday's estimate is accurate, the revenues would account for an approximate 5 percent increase in the city's total revenues; since 2009, the City of Ellisville has operated on an annual budget of about $9 million.

The issue of a Walmart in Ellisville has received attention , when city officials hosted a series of focused on the city's budget.

At that time, the possibility of a big-box retailer like Walmart was discussed as a way to prevent additional city taxes or the loss of city services. Mayor Matt Pirrello said at that time that the city also may consider requiring residents to pay for their own trash pick-up, which would decrease current city expenses by about $500,000—the same amount Ellisville city staff said the Walmart project would generate. In April 2011, Ellisville voters estimated to generate about $800,000 annually.

Ellisville City Council members could vote on approving the TIF sought by developers of the Walmart site at the city's March 21 meeting.

Michael Rhodes March 12, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Would that $500k be what the city would receive (not the amount with TIF included and subtracting taxes that go to the state and county)?
Jason March 12, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I agree a 100%, and like I stated earlier, can Sansone prove that Wal-Mart is going there? They say that if the TIF is granted Wal-Mart is coming. I would not be so sure about that. Ask Sansone directly.
Michael Rhodes March 13, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Adam, good points. What percentage is being projected as shifting from other Ellisville business. Is it projected that Kohls and Home Depot would lose sales? I would think they could see increased sales with Walmart being closer. I sometimes shop in the Chesterfield valley for that reason alone (one trip and I can hit Best Buy, Walmart, World Market, and Lowes). What about the other businesses located around the developement what are their projected revenue lose/gain(QT, Fitz's Yogurt, etc..)?
Ellisville Resident 1 March 13, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Much of the traffic on Manchester is made of people on their way to Wal-mart at 141. When traffic is busy on Manchester, you can walk into K-mart and be one of 10 people in the store including the staff. Same is true for many of the other large stores mentioned in comments here saying building a Wal-mart in Ellisville would hurt business at those stores. All it would do is pull the dollars being spent at the other Wal-marts back into Ellisville and traffic on Manchester would either stay the same or be reduced because much of the traffic passing through would stop at our own Wal-mart. Other benefits to the city would be as mentioned above, more tax revenues, more jobs, tax rate stability, clean-up of the area, other supportive businesses will move in, also reducing pass-through traffic. The best case benefit to the City of Ellisville would be for the new Wal-mart to be a Super Wal-mart with automotive department and a membership only Sam's Club discount fuel center complete with car wash. "If you build it - they will stop running over you to get it down the street." Build it nice. Build it right. And take pride in it. By the way Adam, it's noticiable that you tend to pull from factual information only the parts that support your thoughts, so I'd like to ask that you please stop assuming your thoughts are fact. One of the reasons I bought a house in Ellisville last year is because the realtor told me a Wal-mart would be built on those vacant lots along Manchester.
Michael Rhodes March 13, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Adam, I will quote you here "By the way, nice propaganda..... anyone that copies and pastes the same comment to multiple articles is either a lobbyist for Sansone, for the City, or one apt. owners who wants the Wal-Mart deal done.... especially using a fake avatar like Ellisville Resident 1". Didn't you do the same thing on the three or four different articles posted here on the Patch about the TIF? As for the traffic on Manchester it does thin out after Walmart. How much is getting onto 141 and how many are turning into the shopping complex I don't know. I wouldn't be suprised if the city of Manchester has those numbers though. They must of done some kind of traffic study.
Suzanne Gundlach March 16, 2012 at 11:46 PM
"Ellisville Resident 1" - hiding behind a pseudonym makes your credibility extremely low. Are you embarrassed of your views? Please, step up with the rest of us and own your opinions.
K James April 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM


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