Walmart, Temporary Moratorium on Tap for Ellisville Planning and Zoning

A special Planning and Zoning meeting has been called for Wednesday to discuss petitions from Sansone Group as well as a temporary moratorium on the controversial plat of land where the proposed Walmart would stand.

Ellisville's Planning and Zoning Commission will have a special meeting Aug. 29 to cover more ground on the proposed Walmart deal.

With the upcoming Sept. 5 city council meeting -- where the Walmart conditional use permit is set to appear on the agenda again after a second reading for the ordinance was postponed during August's meeting -- Planning and Zoning is holding a public hearing on a temporary moratorium involving Walmart's potential new site.

The petition reads as follows:

City initiated legislation declaring an immediate temporary moratorium and cessation upon the consideration and final approval of matters relative to development of RPA-2 at the southwest corner of Manchester and Kiefer Creek Roads until such time the city issues a request for proposals for said area or the moratorium is rescinded by the Council.

Following the public hearing are two other petitions directly from Sansone Group proposing the Walmart, requesting "approval for a preliminary plat for a subdivision, street vacation, dedication and lot consolidation at 15970-16012 Manchester Road" and secondly, "recommendation on the final plat" for the same bounds.

The next step for these petitions would be a city council decision.

Ellisville's city website states, "A positive recommendation from the Commission allows the City Council to approve the measure with a simple majority vote. A negative recommendation requires a super majority vote of the City Council for approval. Instead of a simple majority, there must be 5 council members who vote to approve the measure."

The Ellisville Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.


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