West County EMS and Fire Reduces 2012 Tax Rate

The West County EMS and Fire Protection District stated in a news release that it's reducing the 2012 residential tax rate and rolling back the debt service rate.

The following information was provided by the West County EMS and Fire Protection District in a news release.

The West County EMS & Fire Protection District’s Board of Directors has approved a 2012 residential tax rate reducing taxes by $0.0020 (cents) while setting a rate of $0.8960 (cents) per $100 assessed valuation to be distributed between general, ambulance, dispatch, pension and debt service funds.

Additionally, the debt service rate is being voluntarily rolled back by $0.2040 (cents) per $100 assessed valuation.

The West County EMS & Fire Protection District continues to have the second lowest residential tax rate of any fire protection district offering EMS in St. Louis County.

"We realize the impact the economic challenges have had on the families within our community," states Board Chairman Rick Rognan. "The men and women of the District have selflessly and collectively worked with us in reducing salaries, benefits and travel related expenses by $500,000 in 2012. This will be done without any changes to the mission- critical areas of the District and ensuring continued expediency on response times. Rest assured, the District will continue to lower taxes and reduce expenses while accomplishing our mission of saving lives and property and helping families through the economic challenges facing the families in our community."


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