Parkway School District Gives Raises Following Millions in Cuts

After cutting $8 million from the budget and eliminating 130 full-time jobs, KMOV reports that the Parkway School District gave its gave administrators and department heads raises. Watch KMOV's story here.

As previously reported by Patch, in February, the Parkway School Board voted to  

According to a report KMOV investigative reporter Craig Cheatham, the district cut $8 million of that this year and those budget cuts eliminated 130 full-time positions.

(Watch Craig Cheatham's complete report on KMOV.com here.)

However, Cheatham also reports that a few months after deciding on the cuts, the district gave all of its administrators and department heads pay raises, including all 70 employees making more than $100,000 a year. Parkway school officials tell Patch that vote came at the June 13 school board meeting.

As previously reported by Patch, . 

KMOV also reports that the raises came as more cuts are coming for the district. 

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