Rockwood Citizens Form Prop S Bond Committee

Leadership of the upcoming Proposition S—a $38.4 million no-tax rate increase bond issue on the April 2 ballot—was announced at Thursday's Rockwood School District Board of Education meeting. First meetings are set.

Rockwood School District resident Rhonda Costa volunteered to head the Proposition S citizens' committee, which will be a group advocating for passage of a $38.4 million no-tax rate increase bond issue on April 2 ballots. District representatives indicate the bond issue was designed to support Rockwood students by focusing on safety measures, technology updates and school improvements.

Rockwood Chief Communications Officer Kim Cranston said district representatives work to inform and educate community residents about the bond issue, voting information, polling sites, absentee balloting, what the projects are and the costs associated with them.

The Prop S citizens' committee operates independently from the district; its task is to promote and support a yes vote for Proposition S under a group called Citizens For Better Rockwood Schools.

Costa is a former president of the Rockwood School District Presidents' Forum, a group of Rockwood PTO presidents. She currently is president of the Marquette High School Parent Organization (MPO).

She told Rockwood Board of Education directors at Thursday's board meeting that four other residents had been secured to represent the district's four quadrants on the Prop S committee:

  • Lafayette High School:  Laura Ramsey
  • Rockwood Summit High School:  Scott and Gina Jensen
  • Marquette High School:  Anna Speaker
  • Eureka High School:  Maureen Wuelling

Costa announced two public meetings for Feb. 28 and March 12, which will be held at The Pointe in Ballwin. For meeting details, e-mail Costa at juspooh41@charter.net

Costa said committee members are in the process of getting organized, assembling a budget and switching over the banking. She also said they would be laying out a timeline, next steps and fundraising efforts.

"We plan to work with a variety of people who live in the district, and to educate about why it is important to pass this proposition," said Costa.

The projects included on Rockwood's Proposition S are: 



- Update security cameras

- Add 200 more security cameras

- Install new locking systems for interior classroom doors
- Upgrade public address systems

- Provide generator back-up for phone systems

- Install visitor/ID security system

- Provide safety modifications, including: establish visitor "check-in" centers at all schools, construct a security wall for the gym-to-field area at Eureka High, reconfigure/renovate the front entrance and cafeteria at Rockwood Summit

- Update fire sprinkling system to meet code required at time of building renovations

TECHNOLOGY (these technology projects and associated costs are for a two-year time period)


- Replace obsolete computers

- Replace projection devices, interactive white (SMART boards) and amplification systems that are no longer functional

- Replace aged network equipment and switches and upgrade server storage areas

- Upgrade network wiring



- Preventive maintenance districtwide - roofs, flooring, equipment, paving, electrical systems (these projects and associated costs are for a two-year time period)

- Replace Eureka High locker rooms to accommodate usage and meet ADA requirements

- Renovate the existing kitchen/cafeteria space at Eureka Elementary, Stanton Elementary and Uthoff Valley Elementary to address safety and service issues

Bond Issue Projects Oversight, Architectural and Engineering services, etc.

$2,500,000 TOTAL $38,400,000
Tony T. February 16, 2013 at 02:08 AM
Investing in our youth is always a noble plan.
Eileen Tyrrell February 16, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Yes Tony, investing in our youth is very noble. However, when the funds are given to a school district whose business practices have been brought in to question and gotten the attention of the State Auditors Office, the cause is no longer noble but one of fiscal responsibility. Rockwood has proven itself to be questionable in the area of spending and a good steward of the taxpayers dollars. The State Auditors Office completed their field audit on January 3rd and recently met with district officials and the board of education to reveal their findings. The final report should be made public soon. Based on the findings of the State Auditor is how Ii will decide whether or not to support Prop S.


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