Walmart, Target Back-to-School Supplies Compared

Still hunting for school supplies? Patch took a look at deals to see how they stack up in the area.

If you plan to get your back-to-school shopping done this weekend, hopefully this will help you. Patch shopped a St. Louis area 8th grade school supply list at a local  and .

It's complicated, of course, because of the vast array of options in every category. At both stores, supplies can be found in office supply and special school supply areas.

Patch looked for the most economical options, keeping in mind what is on the school list. You might make different choices from what Patch found, for instance, you might want to buy a box of 50 colored pencils, or 10. 

So take this research with a grain of salt, but if it makes your shopping any easier...Great!

Target has supplies compartmentalized with signage above each category in the school supplies area. Both stores had plenty of helpful employees.

and schools in the Ballwin and Ellisville area can also find their supply lists in this article.


Walmart vs. Target school supply prices

Walmart Target 4 doz. #2 pencils 3.96 per 2 doz. 1.12 per 2 doz. 1 box colored pencils 1.97 (12) 2.99 (12) 2 boxes black ink pens 1.97 (10) 1.49 (20) 2 boxes loose leaf paper .82 (150 sheets) .99 (175 sheets) 4 highlighters 1.74 (4) 1.74 (5) 1 pad grid paper 1.76 3.94 3 composition notebooks, 200 pages .88 (200 pages) .50 (100 pages) 2 folders (3 prong, 2 pockets) 2.74 2.49 1 flash drive 5.97 (4 GB) 4.99 (4 GB) 1 package sticky notes 5.97 3.50 1 package index cards, lined 1.88 (100) .49 (100) 1 4-pack dry erase markers 4.97 6.22 4 boxes Klenex 5.68 5.99 1 pair ear-bud head phones 7.00 9.99 Total: 47.31 46.44


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