UPDATE: Who Was Selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame? No One.

For the first time since 1996, the Baseball Writers Association of America failed to vote in a player to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

UPDATED: 2:15 p.m.-

CNN reports there will be no new elected entries in the National Baseball Hall of Fame for 2013. The news agency sayd the hall's president made that announcement Wednesday.

According to the BWAA's website, a winning candidate did not emerge from the Hall of Fame balloting conducted by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America and verified by Ernst & Young. There were 569 ballots cast, the third highest total in the history of the voting, but none of the 37 candidates in the 2013 vote gained mention on the required 75 percent for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

It is only the eighth time that the Baseball Writers' Association of America has not elected an eligible player, according to a CNN breaking news alert.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel reports the most anticipated Baseball Hall of Fame election in history will culminate this afternoon with the announcement of the vote on this year’s class by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Who will get in—better yet, who will be left out from this class—has been the subject of debate for years.

Among those eligible for the first time: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio and Sammy Sosa.

The 2013 Hall of Fame Class will be announced live on the MLB Network at 1 p.m. CST.

Hundreds of professional Major League Baseball players have come from Missouri, according to Baseball Almanac. A few of them, such as Yogi Berra and Earl Weaver are even Hall of Famers. For a full list of Hall of Fame players from Missouri, visit Baseball Almanac.

Check out past local hall-of-famers here.


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